SmartRecruiters Unveils Feature-Rich April 2024 Release

San Francisco — April 25th, 2024 – SmartRecruiters, a leader in enterprise talent acquisition software, today announced its latest product release, packed with innovative features designed to streamline the recruitment process and empower hiring teams. This April, users can explore new functionalities within SmartRecruiters’ platform, including advanced AI capabilities, improved integration options, and significant user interface enhancements. The highlights include:

Effortless Integrations With Your Top Apps: Slack & Teams
SmartRecruiters for Slack & Teams introduces real-time notifications for events, tasks, and actions taken, alongside pertinent information and quick action links. This integration is a step towards more advanced workflow capabilities, ensuring efficient communication and task management within recruitment teams.

Elevating Screening Efficiency: Conditional Screening Questions
The introduction of Conditional Screening Questions allows recruiters to tailor the screening process more effectively. By asking questions based on candidate responses, SmartRecruiters enables the collection of more relevant information, making the screening process not only faster but more efficient.

Advanced Skills Taxonomy & Data Analysis using SmartAnalytics
SmartRecruiters unveils an Advanced Skill Taxonomy with an EOC-accredited skill library, featuring over 14,000 skills and 3,000 occupations with multi-lingual support. Combined with SmartAnalytics, powered by Visier, this update offers advanced reporting, data visualizations, and enhanced filtering capabilities for deeper insights into recruitment data.

New Features to Enhance Candidate and Recruiter Experience

  • New Applicant Portal: Offers candidates transparency in the hiring process, allowing them to view application status, update screening answers, and manage personal data easily.

  • Enhanced Data Validation: Introduces validation rules for date and numeric fields, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
  • AI-Driven Campaigns and Scorecard CoPilots: Streamlines content creation and interview preparation with AI-generated prompts and scorecard questions, ensuring secure data handling.

In addition to the subset of features above, SmartRecruiters continues to prioritize user experience with significant UI and accessibility improvements across the platform, including a refreshed company profile page design, enhanced color palette, and more intuitive navigation and data management features.

“We’re genuinely excited about our April release. It marks a significant leap in simplifying the hiring process with smarter integrations and AI-driven insights,” Shiran Yaroslavsky, VP of Product at SmartRecruiters, commented. “By enhancing connection between recruiters and interviewers through tools like Slack and advanced analytics, we’re setting a new standard for how data and collaboration can positively impact the hiring process.”

For more information on SmartRecruiters and its latest product release, visit the What’s New page.

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